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For B.B. Fans for all!<3
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the GazettE by Bix-raksneksDIM: the GazettE by Sammo6661Deththe GazettE by megumi-kaze

:please: enjoy and here's a :hug: Red Heads Wallpaper by HeartacheXTears

:blowkiss: My :+fav: wallpaper :yum:

:heart: :thumbsup:

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The gazette reita photo:  Page0023.jpgThe gazette reita photo:  Page0024.jpgThe gazette reita photo: The Gazette gazette-10.jpg
Black cat wallpaper photo: Black Cat Blackcat.jpg

I :heart: ANIME AND MANGA "Got it memorized? I do," :blowkiss:
I :heart: story writing :headbang:
I :heart: Cosplaying! Please need a photographer!


watchmen wallpaper photo: Watchmen: Rorschach rorschachbg.png



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Valerie Hill
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hellsing wallpaper seras victoria photo: Seras Victoria serasscan1.png

Hellsing wallpaper seras victoria photo: Seras Victoria dff6e215a5d5e27b29cc2c91ca1fa325.jpg

Hellsing wallpaper seras victoria photo: Alucard  Seras Victoria 12210160_m.jpg

Hellsing wallpaper seras victoria photo:  1166222675668.gif

:wow: Kompletely Krazy Cosplay-Art :tighthug:
I am also can be found M Hill ;)…
My Steam Account: Nobodies Heartless

Hi! Iam Valerie, and welcome to my page!
You can also call me Val, Victoria(Since its my roleplay name from Hellsing). ;) I Luv Alucard from Hellsing and Black HAt from Preist! :heart:
About me: I am a new Cosplayer, I luv Anime, Movies, Games, I luv chocolate, Skittles, gummies, I luv to drew, I luv a lot of old things, I like castles, my color is neon green, I luv Vampires, and my fav animal are snowy white Owls.
Favorite Anime shows/movies: Hellsing, Sailor moon, Dragon ball z, Fullmetel Alchemist, Blue Exorcist, Naruto, Air Gear.

"One ring to rule them, one ring to bring them all, and in the darkness blind them!"

**Soon to be, I want to so badly, luv furries!!!**
The Furry Stamp by BusirisFurry and PROUD::stamp by CelestialWolfenProud Furry Stamp :3 by WolvenFlamesChristian furry stamp by Caramelcat123

I Believe and Except Jesus as my Savior, I luv him very much, and want to do my All Best for him, for he died and rose again for mine/ours Sins, so we can go to a special place with him, known as Heaven.
.Stamp. Protected by Jesus by KillMePleaseGodJesus Freak by leficiaJesus Freak Stamp by GreenEyezzJesus Stamp by SuperSonicGirl79135Jesus by Fyi-Suslife that is nowhere near dull by RebiValeskaStamp: Praising God by pralinkova-princezna:thumb161277011:He Does by 2Timothy3-16Jesus Saves by Music-anime4EverStamp: Come to the good side by pralinkova-princeznaHow big is GOD by Jesus-loves-YouSmile, Jesus loves you stamp by SailorSolarStamp: Jesus is love by pralinkova-princeznaGod is Awesome STAMP by Jesus-loves-YouJesus-loves-you-STAMP by Jesus-loves-YouJesus... by Jesus-loves-You
Lord Of The Rings Wallpaper by beyondwonderwallLegolas desktop wallpaper by enkelikittenBoromir Wallpaper 2 by LadyBoromir
:thumb35560034:The Hobbit Wallpaper by 1love1jesus:thumb346475432:
:thumb349666985:Frodo Wallpaper by bethahneeHobbits- Animated by Cassandra2603

Xalerie:heart:Black--->I love Anime! I love drawing! My favorite movies are Lord of the rings,Dredd, and priest! I love fairies, movies, anime, cosplay, photography, and roleplaying.
pin up fairy wallpaper by ftouriniRossa by babsartcreationsFay by babsartcreations
Aragorn Wallpaper by beyondwonderwallDredd by rehsup

I love Aragorn from Lord of the rings, I love Judge Dredd from Dredd, and I LOVE most of ALL is Black Hat from Priest! <3 Black Hat by LLAPBlackHat demotivational poster by KillerBob7
Soul Eater wallpaper by ressemTrain Heartnet : Black Cat by xXNiaazXxAir Gear Wallpaper by Kina-kunD.Gray-Man Wallpaper by NolitaNami
wallpaper bleach by GroumfyHellsing +Alucard+ by CierseruwalHellsing Wallpaper by Frosty-Poetsailormoon complete wallpaper by TholiaArt
Naruto-wallpaper by jhonsonsBlue Exorcist Wallpaper by T1A60

My favorite animes are Soul eater, black cat, Air gear, D.gray-man, beach, Hellsing, Sailormoon, Naruto, Blue Excersit.
I love to read, write, act, work, eat, sleep, playing video games, watching movies.
And I love my OCs, here are only some I'll add here: Draken Nous, Xalerie Nous, Leign Exile, Jovan Black, Sanyo, Valen Volvo Eyes.*Are my roleplay names*
I love the gazette, Alice nine, godsmack, Queen, ect.


Songs: This is halloween(Marlyn Manson), White and Nerdy(weird Al), Amazing Grace, Born this way(Lady gaga)
Puppet: Cookie Monster
PS2 games: Kingdom hearts 1-3, Final Fantasy, Zelda
Favorite Band Member: Reita


****Cosplay since 2011****
My first Anime Con Cosplay--Kumoricon!
Deathnote- Light by Valhill6animeDeathnote- Light by Valhill6animeDeathnote- Light by Valhill6animeDeathnote- Light by Valhill6anime
My name is...- part nine by Valhill6animeA peach for you, part five by Valhill6animeWho am I really, come on people! part three by Valhill6animeWho am I to you part two by Valhill6animeWho am I, Who do I look Like to you? by Valhill6animeBlood means your human, or does it by Valhill6animeBlood is good, its good to bleed by Valhill6animeBlood feels when your afraid by Valhill6animeBlood smells you by Valhill6anime

Axel Wallpaper by Nix501st

"Come with me and we both can go see Sora," Axel handing
out his hand to Kairi.

My Axel wallpaper by Kliips--Wall paper screenshot by zillahrose--:thumb213268976:--KH2 wall paper by Alch-Reaction

:D:hug::heart::love::heart::love:Alex_that all by Valhill6anime

DA Stamp - Roleplaying 01 by tppgraphics:heart:I Love Writing Stamp by Mirz123:heart:OC Love Stamp by rynoki:heart:I'll dissect you all. by ViscountDevil:heart:Game of Thrones Stamp by pixelworlds:heart:Spongeblah by Fyi-Sus:heart:MARVEL Hulk + Loki Stamp by TwilightProwler:heart::thumb289508089::heart:WW - Wilder Wonka Stamp by Lady-Bealzabub:heart:AC-DC Animated Stamp 9 by dA--bogeyman:heart:Ghostbusters stamp by Kaisuke1:heart:MARVEL Thor + Mjolnir Stamp by TwilightProwler:heart:Harry Potter Stamp by Softijshamster:heart:the GazettE stamp by Sam-Chan-ALPHA:heart:: Ruki Stamp : by Tyaialice nine stamp by Sam-Chan-ALPHA:heart:Alice Nine Stamp by BeforeIDecay1996:heart:Why not? by TwinJackal:heart:Aoi: Before I Decay by Tokisama:heart:Aoi: Before I Decay II by Tokisama:heart:Priest Stamp by andreiVV:heart:World of warcraft by Thrash-Waltz:heart:Uruha: Before I Decay by Tokisama:heart:Gazette Stamp by HisPaperAngel:heart:Gazette Stamp by SunSakura:heart::heart:pan's labyrinth stamp by otakulottie:heart:Jareth Juggling Stamp by TwilightProwlerYou like-I like Stamp by DarkwingFan:heart:Reita from the Gazette stamp by czarnykal:heart:I Love Reita Stamp by Sameru:heart:I Love Reita Stamp by BeforeIDecay1996:heart:

:heart:It's Only Forever - Wallpaper by firstsin:heart:Ruki - The GazettE by deadellamorteRuki!!

The Gazette wallpaper by hamsterchan155I Love this band very much, The gazette!!! My Favorite and only Band i LOVE <3 And I like Alice nineAlice Nine by anothertragedyalice nine butterfly by Sam-Chan-ALPHA

marylin manson by AdorasiMarylin Manson, I only like one song he sings, "This is Halloween,"
eminem wallpaper by xxcobraxx Eminem, i only like one song, "Lose yourself,"
:thumb211497715: Shania Twain, i like some of her songs.
Wallpaper Godsmack Voodoo by Fustro godsmack, i like this song, "I stand alone,"
Garth Brooks wallpaper by BloodyKisses56 Garth brooks, i like some of his songs.
Michael Jackson Bad wallpaper by Harmony97 Micheal Jackson, only like one, "Beat it,"
David Bowie Wallpaper by LabyrinthQueen92 David Bowie, i like some his songs, :love: Labyrinth!

Road-Painful emotions--Life is painful16 by Valhill6anime:heart:Road-Painful emotions--Life is painful15 by Valhill6anime:heart:Road-Painful emotions--Life is painful13 by Valhill6anime
Gangster Love by Valhill6animeGangster wallpaper by Valhill6anime
Gangster Blue- L by Valhill6animeGangster blue- L by Valhill6animeGangster Blue- L by Valhill6anime
Gangster waiting by Valhill6animeGhost Gangster11 by Valhill6animeGhost Gangster04 by Valhill6anime
Ghost Gangster03 by Valhill6animeLooking out a window-Ghost by Valhill6animeIn the sky, Ghost! by Valhill6anime

My favorite clothes and cosplay shops!*…

2012 Nura:RiseoftheYokaiClan-RikuoNura02 by Valhill6anime Psyren-Sakurako Amamiya by Valhill6anime Demon Diary-:love:Me, be a Demon's Lover? by Valhill6anime
Vampire Knight-Shiki Senri by Valhill6anime Naruto-Choji drawing by Valhill6anime Naruto-Shikamaru by Valhill6anime
Deathnote: L by Valhill6anime Naruto-Itachi Uchiha by Valhill6anime Chibi Link by Valhill6anime
ME in white02 by Valhill6anime Me in white by Valhill6anime Me in white04 by Valhill6anime

Anime yourself Challenge! Idea by :iconx-roxas-xx:
Here's mine close up--->Hope u like---->> Anime myself close-up by Valhill6anime
(Request will be added if asked~! If you have a request and your icon is not on the list
please let me now, so I can get it started and done with, thanks for your request!
Requests finished~~~
Choji V.S. Pein-Request by Valhill6anime--Sly dressed as Neyla-request by Valhill6anime--OC Request by Valhill6anime--Lavi drawing by Valhill6anime--The many faces of XxRoxasXx request by Valhill6anime--Lisa Frank ponie-Request by Valhill6anime--A double Rainbow-Request by Valhill6anime--Death the kid sketch by Valhill6anime
Arttrade finished
By :iconruberjig:--(I drew this)Black Phase by Ruberjig--traded--(he drew this)Art trade with Ruberjig by Valhill6anime
My Anime characters, some I've drawn. :)
Vampire knight~Kaname_first drawing by Valhill6anime--Zero by Valhill6anime--Zero-Your not alone by Valhill6anime
Soul Eater~Soul Evans by Valhill6anime--Death the kid's face by Valhill6anime--Dr. Stein_Soul eater by Valhill6anime
Naruto~Naruto by Valhill6anime--Kakashi by Valhill6anime--Gaara by Valhill6anime--Four hokage by Valhill6anime-- Deidara by Valhill6anime-- Itachi by Valhill6anime-- Kiba by Valhill6anime--Jiraiya by Valhill6anime Bleach~Ichigo by Valhill6anime-- My Sketches by Valhill6animeJack frost by Valhill6anime
Black cat~Train by Valhill6anime--Train by Valhill6animeUltimo~ultimo drawing by Valhill6anime
Ultimo again by Valhill6animeBlackbloodbrothers~Grinning Chiro by Valhill6animeBlackbutler~Sebastian by Valhill6anime--Robin Ciel phantonhive by Valhill6animeZelda~Link by Valhill6anime D.Gray-man~Allen by Valhill6anime--Allen Walker Sketch by Valhill6anime

Jesus:heart:Loves:heart: You
The message is simple: TAKE THE SON 'Share' if you are not ashamed to say Jesus is #1!
Axel wallpaper by ChimokoUmi--Another Axel Wallpaper? o_O by DarkSoulRockman--Axel Wallpaper by DaughterofLight13
My most Favored!:+fav: Cosplay pictures~Great Job Guys;p
Gaara by oOButler-ChanOoAxel 2.0 - Solitude by NailoSyanodelAxel Cosplay by WitchyElphaba:thumb252062217:BK-201 by ariacosplaysS.A.L.T. by AkusesuZexion Cosplay by JenearaDraw with me...? by Pandora2721Zelda Cosplay Poster by TifaRoseIn the Cathedral by updaterequiredKHR - CD Cover by MizukyoKanda Yu original 2 by NonMeiKingdom Hearts: Riku by ArulithiaLucca Comics Labyrinth cosplay by AgtpunkSora - HalloweenTown by Evil-Uke-Sora:thumb276729558:Sebastian Cosplay 9 by oishii-tomatoBriar Rose cosplay by prettygunneryunaJin Kazama Commander by Leox90Queen of Banshee - Cosplay by SbabbyNaruto Shippuuden : Deidara by MischievousBoyAilimeAkatsuki by Shiroi-hasuJust One Wish by Neko-zukiWRGP Yusei: Smile by MalindachanZero - The secret side of me by chiisaiSakuBurn Baby Burn by andrewartXAxel by BlanxMisa And if you want to see more visit my :+fav: :gallery:…
Want to see beautiful and Amazing~! Visit these artist's gallery!:love: :icondemiseman::iconsakimichan:…

゙(゚、 。 7
 l、゙ ~ヽ
 じしf_, )ノ
MY DA Family and Real Family and Friends!^W^I :love: All my DA Friends!^W^
Meh sister on DA
Meh best friends:
My Awesome Friends on DA---:ninja:
Best of friends I made on DA!^W^ :heart::iconkujafangirl2::heart::iconpandora2721::heart::iconzangestiakomo::heart::love::iconbeautychao7::love::iconkh297sora::heart::iconruberjig::heart:
Meh :hug::iconvalhill6anime::tighthug:

Which are better~Werewolves Or Vampires
Werewolf wallpaper-Gift- by Xbox-DS-Gameboy or Blue Knight -Zero Wallpaper- by EdwardCullen1010?
Vincent Valentine wallpaper by fightingnaturalistVincent Valentine:tighthug:

:heart: is Kind, :heart: is Peace, :heart: is Comfort :hug:
God is :heart: , Hope, Faith, and Comfort
My God, my Lord, my Friend, Iam never alone, I am not afraid as long as you are with me, no one can hurt me as long as I have you on my side. God :heart: s us all. :) :D :0) Jesus is the ROCK of my Salvation, this bannor over me is LOVE <3

"GOT IT MEMORIZED?" - Axel, member eight of the organization(Axel is so:onfire::steaming:my:+favlove::gummybear:

"Dance, water dance - Demyx, member nine of the organization

Wielder of the keyblade- Roxas, member thirteen of the organization

"Grow, grow, grow!!!"-Lavi, D. Gray-man :toocool:

I:heart:kingdom hearts, D.gray-man, Final Fantasy, Black Butler, Naruto, Ultimo,Bleach, Black Blood Brothers, The Mirror: Book one, Organization XIII: A fan's story:bookdiva:

~ :dalove: I adore Red heads :blowkiss: ~ Did i miss anyone, please tell me, so i can add them to the list^ ^
Lavi Bookman by sol-laviAxel - Finished cosplay by TheCarebearFagRed Head by Federkielgrell by micsukiGaara : 'House of wolves' by Hirako-f-w:thumb84905285:Ultimo: Halo by wings-of-crimsonrenji cosplay by Lucy82:thumb72936260:The Little Mermaid by NatalieCartmanYoko Ritona cosplay by NatalieCartmanShhh,Sercrets by Valhill6anime

:love:Soul Paper by PhantasmPhantomhive:love:

Xalerie knows Jesus! Do u?

░█░░█░░█░░█░ Put This
░████░░████░ On Your Signature
░█░█░░░█░░░░ If You Love To Role-Play!

I would like to go on a:date:with Black HatBlack Hat 2 by Painful-Paradise:heart:

Just Axel by CizuAxel WP by soaro
:headbang: Oh yeah :toocool:
Allen Walker by sayokyokuchan
_♥_♥___♥ _♥_
_♥_♥___♥ _♥_ Put this
♥___♥_♥___♥ heart
_♥___♥___♥_ on your
__♥ALLEN♥__ page if  
___♥___♥___ you love
____♥_♥____ Allen

My beginner cosplays!
Deathnote-light Cosplay02 by Valhill6animeDeathnote-Light cosplay by Valhill6animeL.Y. C.--Light Yagami Cosplay by Valhill6anime Light Yagami-Deathnote
Sasori's Darkside cosplay by Valhill6animeSasori~~Naruto by Valhill6animeLightKira cosplay by Valhill6anime Sasori-Naruto
My Zexion Cosplay by Valhill6animeZexion cosplay by Valhill6anime Zexion-Kingdom hearts
Ciel Phantomhive-2 by Valhill6animeCiel Phantomhive by Valhill6anime Ciel Phantomhive in pink-Black Buter
BB-Ciel Phantomhive by Valhill6animeCiel -In purple by Valhill6anime Ciel Phantomhive in purple-Black Butler
(* Will have Updates on these and new ones soon*)

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